Who wants half a story?

Sound Designer: Music | Sound FX | Voiceovers

Sound as polished as your imaging looks,

to complete your message.

AudioRichter is access to voiceover talent, music and sound effects. Want to be seen as futuristic and fast paced? A techno beat with sound effects zooming in from all directions will take you there. Want to tell your customers you’re approachable and down to earth? A southern female voice and mid-tempo acoustic music, is one angle.  With the many benefits of sound design, music and voiceovers, there’s a drawback. Namely, that all the fun decision-making is yours!


Need a script for your commercials or promotional video? Don’t know where to start? We can help.

Voiceovers | Vocalists

Weather you need a spoken voice to read a script or a singer to jam out on your jingle or song production, we’ve got you covered. (In Spanish too!)

Audio Production

Any project you can think of: TV/Film/Radio | Corporate & Kids Narrations |

e-Learning Explainer Vids. | Video Games | Art & Fashion | Multimedia

Lyric Writing

We help you get commercial copy rhyming just right for jingles! We’re affiliated with SESAC as an artist/songwriter & music publisher.

Music Production

Not only do we have a collection of pre-produced material for quick turn around, we enjoy custom crafting music from scratch to fit your project perfectly.

Sounds from Scratch

Need a sound just so? We can make it for you!  We also have a sound effects collection bank to pull from for that ASAP project.

Need an audio brand? We create unique sonic logos!


Senior Audio Producer Joan Bishop, won a National Gracie Award for Radio Imaging!! Congrats, Joan!!

Adding a low level audio track to your sales and training videos will increase viewer retention and engagement by over


when the music is congruent to the message.



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“You (Joan) do what very few commercial

producers do these days with accenting the words with sound effects to paint the mental picture. Subtle, yet incredibly effective. Nice Work!”

- Kevyn Howard, SririusXM Imaging Producer