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Music enhances the emotional value to your message or brand.

  1. -”Effect of music on ad processing”, JJ Kellaris, AD Cox, D Cox




“Working with AudioRichter exceeded my expectations. Joan is definitely an expert with anything audio related. Not only was the voice over work and sound recording of high quality, Joan was professional, patient and accommodating to ensure I was completely pleased with the final product. If you are looking for someone you can trust, I highly recommend AudioRichter's services.”

                                        - Planetcreation

Chaos: Short Film

Original score and glitch sound design - AudioRichter 

Chosen to play at Brooklyn Film Fest, NY

Director: Luis Mercado 

Coca Cola Zero: Happy Kingdom

Original score and sound design.   Musical ideas were mined from the Will Rogers Follies, Fanfare for the Common Man and the Wizard of Oz.

Sound design was created with digital signal processing and foley recordings.  ( ie: Sloshy paper towels for wet footsteps.)

Enslaved Trailer

Original music and themes - sound effects have been created using digital signal processing, layering and mixing.

Voiceover Talent:  Bradford Hastings, Sean Peters & Joan Bishop

Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

The sound logos at the start and end are created by using Foley recorded exclusively for this project. 

All other sound effects are layers of sounds digitally processed and mixed.

Music edited together from recordings by Craig Anderson, Emilie Simone and Eric Serra.


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